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Application Tips for International Students

Application Tips for International Students

Many international students come to the United States to receive a higher education. There are many universities in the USA for international students to receive a number of different degrees. However, before an international student can study in the United States, they must first apply to the school and program that they wish to study at. This is known as the application process. The application process can be daunting for international students, especially for those who’s first language is not English. Below, we will offer some tips and suggestions to help international students with their applications.

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Start Planning Early

We strongly suggest getting your application(s) prepared well before the submission deadline. This will allow you time to prepare the necessary materials, get your transcript(s) translated if need be, and allow your letters of recommendation and personal statement to be as strong as possible. You will have more than enough time to proofread and edit them so that when the time comes, they can blow the admission committee away!

Some universities in the US also have what is known as a rolling admission, where you can submit your application at anytime within a larger window of time. That way, the earlier you submit your application inside that window, the sooner you may find out if you have been granted admission into a US university or not. This can also help you out with scholarships and financial aid. For more information about scholarships, please follow this link.

Perform Well on Your Tests

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Yes, this may seem obvious, but it is extremely important. If you have not studied at an internationally recognized institution before, it may be hard for an admission committee to evaluate your academic ability and translate it to an American university. Therefore, your test scores, be it GRE, GMAT, or even the TOEFL, are extremely important to an US university admission committee in evaluating your academic ability. There are ample resources available to help you prepare and practice for these tests.

We suggest taking these tests as early as possible, so if you do not perform as well as you think you can, there may still be a chance for you to retake the test and improve your score. Also, if you perform well enough, there may be an opportunity for you to receive a scholarship based on an outstanding test score.

Don’t be Afraid to Talk About Yourself

 Many applications may require a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and essays. While they do call for more work in putting the application together, US universities may require them so that they can get a better sense of who you are as a person. While academic ability and success are important, American universities also want motivated, well-rounded, diverse students.

In the spaces provided in the application, be sure to highlight what makes you different from the rest of the applicants. Essentially, what makes you stand out? It may definitely help to highlight your diverse background, and talk about what it was like growing up in your country. Another item you may want to discuss is why you want to study in the United States at a top US university and what is driving you to do so. Talk about your personal, professional, and academic goals. Really allow the admission committee to see who you are and why you want to study in the United States.

Know Each University’s Requirements


Many international students apply to a number of American universities in order to enhance the chances of being granted admission at one of them. However, each university typically has a different application and different application requirements. It is extremely important to adhere to each university’s requirements. This shows attention to detail and focus, not to mention it saves you the headache of potentially having to re-submit your application.

Also, be sure to double check for any additional admission requirements for international students. There may be additional documentation or test scores (such as the TOEFL) required from international students that domestic students may not have to provide. Please check with your prospective school and make sure you fulfill those admission requirements.

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