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Author: Paul Glover

  • Understanding the I-20 Form

    The I-20 form, issued by the United States Government, is an important document and step an international student must complete before they are allowed to enter the United States in order to study abroad. An international student will receive the I-20 form usually from a school official. The I-20 form serves many purposes, but its […]

  • What are the US Central Bank Rates?

    Brian from Nomad Credit explains how the difference in a country’s central bank rates could affect the rate you can receive on your education or study loan as an international student. Lenders based in different countries will be able to lend at certain rates depending on the rates of their country’s central bank. For instance, […]

  • Understanding the Basics of Interest Rates for International Student Loans

    Understanding international student loans and everything they entail can be a very difficult task. Perhaps one of the more important aspects to understand about international student loans is interest rates, doubly so it comes to understanding how to repay your international student loan. Interest rates, generally speaking related to international student loans, are what you […]

  • USD Loan Option FAQs

    Nomad Credit FAQs Who is Nomad Credit? Nomad Credit is a financial marketplace that acts as an intermediary between international students and potential loan options from our lending partners.. Nomad Credit helps international students search for and compare education loan options from our lending partners who are located in both the U.S. and India.  Advantages […]

  • International Student Loan Disbursement

    One of the most important aspects of an international student loan is  understanding how the funds go from the lender to the school and then to you. This is known as international student loan disbursement. A common question among international students after they have signed and accepted their international student loan is what happens with […]

  • How to Find a United States Cosigner as an International Student

    If you are an international student interested in studying abroad in the United States, sometimes the most difficult aspect is figuring out how to pay for your education. Some students will seek out international student loan options to help fund their further studies. While not many, there are some lenders who will lend to international students. However, […]

  • What financial sources will U.S. Colleges accept for the Form I-20?

    It can be a daunting task for some international students to figure out the steps needed to get admitted to a school and make the trip to the United States. One crucial step in the process is providing sufficient financial proof that you can support your expenses for at least the first year of study. […]

  • Repaying Your International Student Loan

    If you take out an international student loan to study abroad in the United States, one of the most crucial aspects in understanding that loan is how to repay it. By taking on an international student loan, you are essentially taking on debt, and in turn will need to repay that debt (loan). This is […]

  • International Student Loan Basics

    Every year, many international students that come to the United States to study abroad face the challenge of finding student loan options to fund their study. According to the Institute of International Education (IIE), as of 2016/2017, roughly 1.08 million international students were studying in the United States and many of these students will end […]

  • How Does International Student Loan Repayment Work?

    How Does International Student Loan Repayment Work?  For many, the reason why international student loans may seem so daunting is because eventually, the loan needs to be repaid. Many international students not only have the huge change in studying abroad in the United States, but also the thought of possibly having debt post-graduation due to […]