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GRE and TOEFL Scores Needed for The University of Wisconsin-Madison

This is part of our series profiling different graduate degree programs and graduate schools at U.S. universities for international students on an F1 Visa or J1 Visa. This week we profile the College of Engineering at The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Located in scenic Madison, Wisconsin

  • the College of Engineering at The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a great option for international students who wish to study engineering in the United States.
  • The College of Engineering exerts a tradition of innovation upon its students in order to prepare them for the real-world problems they will encounter as future engineers.
  • The College of Engineering also prides itself on preparing its students in a practical way to make an immediate impact once they enter the workforce.


The College of Engineering is the recipient of many different high rankings. These include:

  • #22 in Biomedical Engineering,
  • #6 in Chemical Engineering,
  • #9 in Computer Engineering,
  • #17 in Mechanical Engineering,
  • #3 in Nuclear Engineering.

They have also received many other rankings among these. In the College of engineering, there are approximately 1,600 graduate students seeking degrees.

Departments and Programs

There are nine different departments that offer graduate degrees in the College of Engineering. Those nine departments are:

  • Biomedical Engineering,
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering,
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering,
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering,
  • Engineering Physics,
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering,
  • Materials Science and Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Biological Systems Engineering.

Each department offers different programs and degrees, so it is important to visit your desired department’s home page to learn more about what it has to offer.

Application Requirements

Like most universities and their respective programs, the admissions process to the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison requires a number of different documents and materials from international student applicants. Required materials/documents include:

  • Official transcripts and academic records from every institution you have attended;
  • Statement of purpose;
  • Letters of recommendation;
  • GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores;
  • Proof of funding;

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers graduate admissions requirements based on the country you are coming from. For example, an Indian student wishing to study at the College of Engineering must provide all their documents in English, and have a TOEFL score (paper) or at least 580 or an IELTS score of at least 7.0. Other materials and documents may be necessary based on the program you wish to enter. Additionally, a Verbal 150, Quantitative 155 is a minimum requirement for the GRE. It is important to contact the admissions office for that program or visit their homepage for more information on what is required for your application package.


The tuition cost per credit for international students is $1,626.17.

  • Therefore, for 12 credit hours per semester, the cost for the entire academic year would be $39,028.08.
  • Remember, that is for 24 credit hours for an academic year. Each program and degree has different credit hour requirements, so make sure to confirm the amount of credit hours before calculating your prospective graduate tuition cost.
  • While that may seem expensive, there are plenty of options available to international students for education loans.
  • The estimated other costs for international students are as follows:
    • $1,200 for books and supplies;
    • $11,828 for room and board;
    • $5,065 for miscellaneous expenses;
    • $800 for transportation.

Again, these are estimates and your actual costs may very well differ from these estimates that the University of Wisconsin-Madison supplies. However, using these estimates, this amounts to an additional $18,893 on top of the $1,626.17 per credit hour.

Not only does the College of Engineering offer excellent academic services for international students, it also offers commendable career services to its students.

  • The College of Engineering offers salary statistics for its graduates, which can be found here.
  • One of the highest average salary for graduates are for those who graduate from the Computer and Electrical Engineering program, which is $91,693.
  • The average range of salaries is $56,080 to $94,532.

Although tuition for the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may seem high, there are international student loan options available to help you receive the funding you need to receive an excellent education. For more information, visit We will happily help you find the best option for education loans or study loans as well. If you have any questions, send an email to and we will happily help!



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