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GMAT & TOEFL Scores for The Harvard Business School

This is part of our series profiling different graduate degree programs and graduate schools at U.S. universities for international students on an F1 Visa or J1 Visa. This week we profile the Harvard Business School.

 The Harvard Business School

  •  Located in historic Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1,859 enrolled in MBA Program
  • An excellent choice for international students looking to receive their MBA in the United States.
  • This top-ranked business school prides itself on its legacy and world-class academics.
  • 64 countries represented in the MBA class.


  •  Harvard Business School Prides itself on educating leaders who make a difference in the world.
  • Boasts a broad selection of published research from its faculty and students.
  • Harvard strives to help its students build trust in themselves and be able to realize their great potential as leaders.
  • Implants in their student that making a difference mean creating a real value for society.
  • Finally, teaches that in order to really problem solve, one needs a global perspective, making Harvard even more appealing to international students.


 Harvard Business School is both national and globally recognized as one of the top business schools.

 According to US News, Harvard currently holds the following rankings:

  • #3 in entrepreneurship,
  • #8 in Finance,
  • #2 in International,
  • #1 in Management,
  • #6 in Marketing,
  • #4 in Nonprofit,
  • #8 in Production/Operations.

As you can see, Harvard Business School holds a significant number of top-ten ranked programs. Many of the ones listed are even top five. Please also remember that this list is not exhaustive – these are only some of the rankings that Harvard holds.

The #2 ranking in International and the #1 ranking in management should especially be attractive to international students looking to receive their MBA from a top-ranked business school.

Degrees and Programs

The Harvard Business School has a wide variety of different programs and degree for international students to choose from:

  • MBA,
  • Executive Education,
  • Doctoral,
  • HBX, which are online programs developed by the faculty which focuses on active learning and real-world problem solving. These programs include:
    • Credential of Readiness,
    • Becoming a Better Manager,
    • Business Analytics,
    • Disruptive Strategy – With Clayton Christensen,
    • Economics for Managers,
    • Entrepreneurship Essentials,
    • Financial Accounting,
    • Leading with Finance,
    • Negotiation Mastery.

As you can see, Harvard offers programs and degrees that can let you focus on a number of different focused business graduate degrees.

There is a wide variety of applicable programs for international students that can help you achieve your career goals in a number of different areas of business.

We suggest visiting the home page of the above listed programs to see which one best fits your goals.

Application Requirements

 Like most schools, Harvard Business School has its own set of application requirements.

 Harvard does not offer a set of general admission requirements, so for the purpose of this blog we will focus on the requirements for the MBA Programs. The requirements are:




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