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What are Some Good Car Options for International Students?

What are Some Good Car Options for International Students?

This is part of our mini series helping international students understand every aspect of having a car in the United States as they pursue their studies. For information regarding international student auto loans, please follow this link.

We have previously wrote about international student auto loans, as well as the pros and cons of both buying and leasing a car. Today, we will discuss what some good car options are for international students studying abroad in the United States. There are many, many car options available in the United States. There are American brands available, such as Ford, General Motors, and Dodge, and then there are many foreign brands available as well, such as Toyota, Honda, Lexus, and BMW. Please keep in mind that by no means is that an extensive list of car options available, but rather a list to help international students get started in their search for the perfect car.

What Should an International Student Look For? 

As mentioned before, there are a whole lot of car options in the United States for international students. Therefore, you will need to narrow down the options in order to find the car that works best for you. A great place to start is to realize whether or not you will need an international student auto loan, and further, do you want to buy or lease the car? Depending on your price point and your need for an international student auto loan, that can definitely help narrow down the options. One great benefit of the United States having so many different brands of cars is that there are cars for virtually every price point. Also, don’t forget, used cars are an option as well!

Another factor to consider is the location of your university, and how much you will be driving. If you will be driving a significant number of miles on a daily or weekly basis, then you may want to consider a hybrid car, electric car, or very fuel-efficient car. One thing to note if you are attending a city school is that parking can be scarce, and once a parking spot is available, it may be a tight fit. Maybe a smaller car would be better for a city setting. If your university is located in an area where there is a lot of rain, snow, or ice, then you may want to consider an SUV or a car that does well when the roads are not in the best condition. On the other hand, if you will be in school somewhere nice and sunny, who knows, maybe a convertible is the right fit for you!

What are Some Options?

So, now that you have an idea of some of the factors you should consider when picking out a car, below we will discuss some potential options for international students.

  • Honda Fit: This car would be great for a city school. It is small and fuel-efficient, as well as very affordable.
  • Ford Escape: A great, affordable SUV that offers plenty of space and peace-of mind when there is inclement weather.
  • Toyota Prius: Arguably the most popular fuel-efficient car out there that can also squeeze into that tight city parking.
  • Toyota Rav4: This SUV combines fuel efficiency and comfort for a safe, reliable option.

As mentioned earlier, there are many car options available to international students in the United States. These options above are merely offered as examples, and a jumping off point for you to start your car search. Don’t forget, there are many luxury options available in the United States as well if that is more your style. These include Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, and many, many more.

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