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This is part of our series profiling different graduate degree programs and graduate schools at U.S. universities for international students on an F1 Visa or J1 Visa. This week we profile the Duke University Fuqua School of Business.

Duke Fuqua Business MBA International Students

Part of the scenic, historic Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, The Fuqua School of Business can be a great option for international students looking to study business in a graduate capacity. In the United States, Duke is mostly known as a collegiate basketball powerhouse, but Duke serves as an academic powerhouse as well.

The Fuqua School of Business prides itself on attracting and cultivating future leaders in order to bring out strength in numbers to progress towards a common purpose. At Fuqua, you will find a diverse student and faculty population so that each problem can be looked at from different viewpoints.

  • Fuqua enrolls roughly 1,500 students per year and strives to push them to their limits in order for them to try new things.


The Fuqua School of Business would be an outstanding choice for an international student because it is always among the top rankings for business schools.

The Fuqua School of Business currently holds the following rankings according to US News:

  • #4 in Executive MBA,
  • #6 in Management,
  • #4 in Marketing,
  • #6 in Nonprofit.

Programs Offered

The Fuqua School offers a number of different programs in order to serve a wide variety of post-graduates and whatever busy schedule the may have.

The programs include:

  • Daytime MBA,
  • Global Executive MBA,
  • Weekend Executive MBA,
  • Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business,
  • Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University,
  • Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics,
  • Master of Quantitative Management: Health Analytics,

The Fuqua School also offers a PhD program. As you can see, the Fuqua School offers a wide range of programs that cover almost every aspect of business. There are also many options that could be beneficial to internationals students in businesses worldwide.

On top of the programs listed above, The Fuqua School of Business also offers an International Student Bootcamp for non-native speakers of English. This also can be an excellent option for international students.

  • It is basically a crash course for internationals students to help prepare you better for the grind of graduate school and so you can get more out of your MBA program.
  • Please visit this link for more information and application instructions.

Global Executive MBA Application Requirements

 Since the Fuqua School of Business does not offer general application guidelines and requirements, rather it varies by program, we will detail below the requirements for the Global Executive MBA program.

If you wish to see the requirements for a different program, please follow this link.

The Global Executive MBA program currently has a student population where 30% of the students hold international citizenship.

Here is a list of the application requirements:

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