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Letter Of Recommendation

How To Get A Good Letter Of Recommendation

Letter Of Recommendation

There are many steps an international student has to follow if said international student wants to get into a study abroad program in the United States.

One of the most important things during this process?

Acquiring a good letter of recommendation.

While things like grades are crucial when it comes to getting accepted into a study abroad program, the letter of recommendation cannot go unnoticed. With that in mind, international students are likely wondering how they can get good letters of recommendation, letters that can help them get into their program(s) of choice in the U.S.

How To Get A Good Letter Of Recommendation

While it is very important to find someone who has high-quality credentials and experience (among other ingredients) to write a letter of recommendation, it is just as important to find someone who knows you well. You know, someone who knows your strengths and weaknesses inside and outside of the classroom, and someone who actually has been around you enough to have a good idea of what you stand for and believe in.

After all, you typically don’t want a letter of recommendation that sounds generic, and one that sounds like any student’s name could be inserted into it. A personalized letter of recommendation that is tailored to you tends to go a long way. Of course, and once again, it is still important that these letters are coming from people who are credible, such as teachers, counselors, principals, bosses, etc.

The bottom line: It would be in your best interest to have your letters of recommendation coming from people who know you well.

Believe it or not, the foundation of a good letter of recommendation starts the moment you step into the classroom or meet a person who is qualified to write your LOR. After all, good LORs tend to come from people a student has built a strong relationship with, such as a teacher, counselor or family member. Unfortunately, this is something that not all students think of.

Another important step when it comes to gaining a good LOR is giving your teacher, counselor, family member, etc., enough time to write up your letter of recommendation. This is not something you want to be rushed. Not to mention, it is best to have a conversation with the person doing your LOR before he/she starts it.

During this process, you can tell your teacher why you need a LOR, where you plan on applying to school, what your field of study is, your interests outside of the classroom, what your studies mean to you and the list could go on and on. You want this person to be in the loop, meaning you want this person to know exactly what you are going through when it comes to your studies.

That is why it would be smart to share your desired universities, GPA, awards/honors, volunteer work history, job history, extracurricular activities and any other important information relating to you and the letter of recommendation process. You want your LOR writer to be as informed as possible so he/she can write the best possible letter.

Letter Of Recommendation

The best letters of recommendation tend to come from people who know the student very well. While it might be tempting to ask someone who has all of the credentials and experience in the world for a letter of recommendation, if you do not know this person personally, then this person likely won’t be able to give you an honest LOR, and that is really what you should be aiming for.

An honest recommendation will help universities get to know the student outside of his/her grades, paperwork and other accomplishments, and that is invaluable, for a good letter of recommendation can help separate students who have similar statistics, such as GPA.

So, what should you do with all of this information?

You can start by brainstorming teachers/counselors who you have a good relationship with, and ones you would want to write your LORs. From there, you can ask these people if they will write a letter of recommendation for you. During that time, you might tell them everything they need to know and more information you would like them to know, or you can set up a separate meeting for that conversation.

Getting a good letter of recommendation comes down to an international student finding the right person to write the LOR. From there, it is up to the LOR writer.

Nonetheless, letters of recommendation can help a student stand out, which could lead to a student getting into the school of his/her choice in the United States.

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