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International Student Pursuing a Graduate Degree in the United States

International Student Pursuing a Graduate Degree in the United States

A summary of studying in the US on an F1 visa or J1 visa

international student loan

As undergraduate programs slowly come to an end, many international students, as well as individuals who have already spent time working, will start to look for MS or MBA programs in the US to study on a F1 visa or J1 visa. Not only for practical reasons such as making your resume stand out and becoming more attractive to employers, but also to come out of your comfort zone, to explore a new part of the world, and to experience a new environment and culture – how few times during people’s lives do they get such a unique opportunity? On my own journey studying in the US as an international student, I’ve interacted with individuals whom I never would have imagined speaking with, been exposed to revolutionary books that have changed my life, and just learned so much from the multicultural environment that is a hallmark of a US education. And while cost is certainly a large factor to consider in this, one must always remember that international student loans or education loans are indeed available.

International Students and the US

Pursuing a Master’s degree in the US is a big decision with many factors involved, but for many, it is a good decision. Higher education in the US doesn’t just mean learning more about your field – you can do that anywhere in the world – rather, what defines it is the distinct and extraordinary experience that it is, and the vast range of post-graduate opportunities.

Moreover, being away from home, studying in the US forces you to hone your English language skills and constantly be mindful of the cultural melting pot around you. Furthermore, in my own journey, I’ve found that doing this allows you to meet people whom have shared my experiences, albeit from other nations, allowing me to create global network of peers. And so, you will not only come out of such an experience as a dynamic and zealous individual in whatever field you may pursue, but even employers are well aware of such benefits. In fact, international students choosing to study abroad are unique in their own right. They bring manners and experiences from their own countries, which can be leveraged in entirely new environments. I’ve found this to be extremely valuable in group projects, wherein my unique perspective, as well as the way in which everyone approaches problems differently, allows us to achieve far more than if we all shared the same background. Additionally, remember that employers understand the great challenge it is to travel to a country that is not your own and spend time there specializing in your field, and your grit and courage exemplified in doing so will not go unnoticed.

Master’s Programs in the US

Most importantly for now, however, is that the US houses some of the top universities in the world, taught by some of the most distinguished professors, with an unimaginable amount of resources – some of these guys are even Nobel laureates! This, perhaps, is the hallmark of an MS or MBA program in the US. Students are able to form genuine, lifelong relationships with professors, industry leaders, and of course, the vast alumni network so many of these universities have. From my own experience, I’ve met professors who are willing to go beyond any requirement of theirs to spend time with me, not only to help me, but also simply in the interest of forming authentic relationships. And, although many don’t realize this, alumni act in a very similar fashion – they love speaking with current in students who’re going through the same experiences they once went through.

Additionally, if you are pursuing an MS in Engineering, or most any other STEM subject, you may very well get to conduct the most cutting-edge research alongside your esteemed classmates and professors, learning from their own unique experiences and listening to their stories. And, who knows, you may be part of the next big scientific discovery!

Lastly, whatever your field of interest may be, the US will almost certainly have a program to help you grow and gain new insights within it, whether it may be something as simple as an MBA, or MS in Computer Science or Engineering, or even something as niche as an MS in Predictive Analysis. All of which is to say, if you are truly passionate about something, pursuing a Master’s program in the US is a great way to move forward.

MS Application Requirements for the US

Of course, being admitted into the top universities in the US isn’t any cake-walk. There are a range of components to most Master’s programs applications, but rest assured, if you have the determination to study in the US, then this will not pose (too big of) a challenge. Below, is a list of some general application requirements that apply to any Master’s program – but keep in mind that some programs at some universities may require additional aspects.

  • GRE: the Graduate Records Examination, mandatory for almost all MS programs in the US.
  • TOEFL/IELTS: English proficiency exams.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • University-specific essays
  • Undergraduate program transcript
  • Resume/curriculum vitae


international student loan

Undoubtedly, the cost of MS programs in the US is one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not to apply. And it would be wrong to undermine the significance of this, but it is also always important to keep in mind that in this day and age, there are an enormous amount of avenues at your disposal. Whether you seek a scholarship, a grant, or an education loan, let Nomad Credit help you achieve your dreams!

Pursuing a Master’s program in the US is no small feat, and this is not to downplay any of the troubles of doing so. Of course, the language may sometimes pose a challenge and there will be a culture shock for a short period. You will step out of your comfort zone. But then, whoever said anything meaningful in life will come easy.

You have reached this far in the process, so don’t let short-term fear let you miss out on an opportunity that will inevitably change your life forever!

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