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How Many Colleges Should an International Student Apply to?

How Many Colleges Should an International Student Apply to?

Every year, thousands of international students apply to schools in the United States in order to study abroad in the US. The United States has some of the best universities and programs in the world for international students to choose from. However, since there are so many programs and universities to choose from, many international students stress themselves out trying to figure out where to apply, and how many US universities to apply to. Below, we will help international students try to get an idea of how many applications to send.

What is a Good Number to Aim For?

To be clear, there is no magic number of applications for an international student to hit. The number of schools an international student should apply to depends on the student and that student’s particular goals. Some students may only apply to three schools, while other may apply to twenty or more. It really solely depends on the student.

When choosing schools to apply to, an international student should seriously consider which schools they are a strong international student applicant for, and which schools may be a stretch. For example, if you are planning on applying to only three schools, make sure that you would be considered a strong applicant for those schools. On the other hand, if you are applying to twenty schools, make sure that you are a strong applicant to at least a handful of those schools.

A Few Tips

There are a few tips for international students regarding how many schools they should apply to. First off, remember that top US university applications are mostly not free. They often cost money, and the prices may even increase for international students. Before you start the US university application process, set aside a budget for applications. This can help you set a range for applications to submit.

Another tip to narrow down the amount of applications you fill out is to consider the major you want to study. If the major you want to study is very broad, or general, such as engineering, or if you want to get an MS in US, you can consider particular factors about that degree. For example, you can look at the faculty, the classrooms, and the on-campus equipment. Checking out the curriculums for prospective programs can also help you narrow down the field of schools you will apply to.

Another way to narrow down how many schools you apply to is to consider personal needs. For example, you can narrow down which schools you apply to by their regional location. If you only want to study somewhere that is warm, then you may be able to narrow down your schools to a few states (California, Florida, and Texas for example).

Finally, another factor to consider when deciding how many schools to apply to is finances. You may need international student loans, so you may be working within a specific budget. You may want to find a school that not only has a lower tuition, but also in an area where the cost of living is low.

As you can see, there are many factors that can affect how many schools you apply to. These factors go all the way from what kind of program you want to study down to international student loans. However, overall, we would suggest sending a minimum of three applications and around eight applications as a maximum. Good luck, and remember, if you need help with your US university applications, Nomad Credit offers plenty of services in order to help your application be as strong as possible.

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