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GRE & TOEFL Scores for Princeton University School of Engineering

This is part of our series profiling different graduate degree programs and graduate schools at U.S. universities for international students on an F1 Visa or J1 Visa. This week we profile the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Princeton University is a prestigious Ivy League school located in Princeton, New Jersey.

  • Princeton considers itself a global research university and emphasizes discovery in its curriculums.
  • It is considered a smaller university, with approximately 5,250 undergraduate students and approximately 2,800 graduate students, but the small student population lets Princeton boast a favorable student-teacher ratio of about 5:1.
  • The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences poses itself as an excellent option for international students looking to study in the United States.


According to US News, the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences holds the following rankings:

  • #10 in AeroSpace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering;
  • #6 in Chemical Engineering;
  • #9 in Computer Engineering;
  • #8 in Mechanical Engineering.

That is four different top ten rankings that Princeton has received in regards to its engineering programs. That alone makes Princeton a strong option for international students.

Departments and Programs

Overall, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has six different graduate departments:

  • Chemical & Biological Engineering,
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering,
  • Computer Science,
  • Electrical Engineering,
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering,
  • Operations Research & Financial Engineering.

Along with offering programs through these six different departments, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences also offers over eighty different student organizations for students to join in order to socialize, collaborate, learn, and educate.

Application Requirements

Like most other schools and programs, Princeton has its own guidelines for application and requires a number of different documents in order to fulfill the application requirements. These include:


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