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What  Companies Can Help with Profile Evaluations? 

What Companies Can Help with Profile Evaluations? 

What Companies Can Help with Profile Evaluations? 

Every semester, many international students wish to study abroad in the United States. A profile evaluation for international students is a tool that helps international students pair up with the right university based on a number of different factors, such as test scores, grades, degrees, experiences, and even interests.

What do You do After You Have Completed Your Profile?

After you complete your profile, it is ready to be evaluated. Typically, those who review your profile are admissions experts. They have plenty of experience with college and university admissions and know what most schools are looking for in prospective international students. There are also many online tools and services available to help evaluate your profile. Many of these websites also have open forums where you post your profile and whatever factors you think are relevant, and experts will comment on your post and evaluate it for you. Other services may give you written feedback or communicate with you over an online communication avenue. We strongly recommend doing some of your own research to see what service best fits what you are looking for. Below are some websites to help you get started on your search.


As the name suggests, this tool is great for international students looking to study abroad in the United States to receive their MBA. This service is free, and for those who have not yet submitted an application to a program. Your profile will be evaluated by either MBA graduates or some former and current top admissions officers. The site will ask you to fill out a form with various information about yourself so that those who analyze your profile will have well-rounded and complete information about you. The more data that you fill about yourself, the more accurate the evaluators will be in pairing you with potential schools and programs.

If you’d like help with the admissions process please email us at:


This online service helps international students who are trying to receive either a master’s Degree or an MBA in the United States. This website is more of a community network that consist of international admission and test prep experts, along with graduates and current students around the world. The link provided above will lead you to an online forum where you can post your profile or any questions you have regarding your profile. Any forum member, or expert that is part of the PrepAdviser community can then comment on your post and help you get the answers you need.

Admit School

This online service helps international students who are trying to receive an MS or a PHD in the United States. This service analyzes you based on test scores such as the GRE, CGPA, and TOEFL. It will then help you find universities categorized as ambitious, realistic and safe based on your test scores and a variety of other factors. This website also offers a forum for international students to post their profiles and different data points for feedback from other students and experts.


This online service offers a plethora of resources in helping international students with their profiles. They have PDFS, webinars, and an online chat system to communicate with experts. They also offer workshops to help build your profile and match you with desirable schools. Check out the link provided above for a preview of some of the resources available to international students.

Please keep in mind that the above listed websites are only a few of the many options available for international student profile evaluations. Nomad Credit can also provide assistance in evaluating your profile. 

Nomad Credit can Help With Profile Evaluations


As you can see, many companies offer help in evaluating international student profiles. Did you know that Nomad Credit can also help you determine what US schools might be a potential fit? Check out our new profile evaluation tool. We can help evaluate your profile and show you the schools that may be a potential fit, as well as ambitious and safe schools. Get Started Now!


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