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GRE & TOEFL Scores for Temple University College of Engineering

This is part of our series profiling different graduate degree programs and graduate schools at U.S. universities for international students on an F1 Visa or J1 Visa. This week we profile College of Engineering at Temple University.

 Located in historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  •  the College of Engineering at Temple University offers an excellent option for international students looking to receive a graduate degree in engineering.
  • The College of Engineering prides itself on being located in a city that is on the forefront of science and technology, while also maintaining a strong history.
  • It also prides itself on its cutting edge curriculum.

 Enrollment at the College of Engineering at Temple University is smaller than those of larger universities and programs. The enrollment number of students seeking master’s degrees is 92, and there are 72 seeking PhDs. The total percentage of graduate enrollment that is made up of international students is 14.4%.

Departments and Programs

There are four departments that make up the College of Engineering: Bioengineering, Civil and Environmental, Electrical and Computer, and Mechanical. From those departments, the degrees that an international student could potentially receive are:

  • MS in Bioengineering,
  • MS in Civil Engineering,
  • MS in Electrical Engineering,
  • MS in Environmental Engineering,
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering,
  • PhD in Engineering,
  • Graduate Certificate in Stormwater Management,
  • Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management.

As you can see, the College of Engineering at Temple University does not have as extensive of a list of some of the other bigger schools, but it still offers the core programs related to engineering. Its smaller size may also be beneficial to international students who prefer a smaller class size and a tighter student to faculty ratio.

Application Requirements

Like all other schools, the College of Engineering at Temple University has a variety of admission requirements. While they provide a list of general requirements for all students, the requirements for each department/program may vary so we suggest visiting their page or contacting their admissions office for more information. The general requirements are:

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