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Scholarship Tips For International Students


When it comes to getting into a study abroad program, international students have many things to juggle, such as a scholarship or two, but more about that later…

Not only does an international student have to find an ideal study abroad program in the United States, Canada or wherever it might be but this same student also has to get into said program, secure a visa and find funds to actually pay for higher education.

In many cases, that is where scholarships come into play.

Study abroad scholarships can, to say the least, help international students pay for their schooling. In hopes of helping students out in the scholarship department, we are going to be dishing out some tips on the subject below.

Scholarship Tips For International Students

Do Your Homework

This is a no-brainer, but we still think it needs to be brought up. After all, the scholarship process can be a very difficult one. Not only that but international students need to know which scholarships are available to them. While many students might think they can only get scholarships from universities, that is not the case. In fact, your country of residence might also have programs and companies that award scholarships.

However, if you decide to go that route on top of trying to secure scholarships from your school, which we recommend, then we encourage students to proceed with caution. Companies/programs should not be asking you for bank account numbers, credit card numbers and things of that nature — well, if they are credible, that is.

There are so many scholarships that go unused on a yearly basis, which is why students need to do their homework in hopes of finding every scholarship that is available to them.

Apply For Small Scholarships

We understand that many international students might dodge the smaller scholarships.

We understand the logic behind that: A $500 scholarship is not going to pay for my tuition and/or my entire higher education costs.

While that is true, it’s important to remember smaller expenses, such as rent, books, food, transportation costs, monthly spending allowance, etc.

All of those smaller scholarships will add up, especially if you apply to all of the ones you are qualified for and then are awarded.

Apply For Scholarships That Have A Tougher Application Process

Many students shy away from scholarships that have tougher application processes or that simply take longer to apply to. As a result, less international students tend to apply to these types of scholarships, which makes the competition less fierce.

The competition tends to be greater for scholarships that have more money attached to them, and that makes it tougher to actually secure these types of scholarships. However, the opposite tends to be the case for scholarships with a more intensive application process (or that is at least the idea).

So, if you put in the time and apply for scholarships like this, you will find that you will be competing with fewer students, which could increase your chances of landing these scholarships.


Apply For As Many Scholarships As You Can Find

While ingredients like a high GPA and test scores are crucial when it comes to being awarded for many scholarships, here is another important ingredient: Applying for as many scholarships as you can find and are qualified for.

If you meet the requirements for a scholarship, then you should apply to it. While you are putting in a lot of work initially, it is going to be so worth it when you are paying for your books or when other expenses — whether big or small — come up.

The more work you put in now in the scholarship department, the less you will likely have to worry about money when you are actually in the act of studying abroad, and that alone could save you a lot of time and stress. Plus, and this is really important, you have to be able to prove to a visa officer that you can pay for your studies — you have to show this person actual proof of income/payment.

You never know which scholarships you will be awarded until you try. So, apply for all the small ones, the big ones and everything in between. If you think you have a shot at landing a scholarship and you meet the requirements, then we think you should go for it.

Every penny adds up.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The scholarship process can be a difficult process to navigate, which is why we recommend international students seeking help via universities, educational consultants, etc.

People like education consultants are here to help you when it comes to everything relating to studying abroad, and that most certainly includes scholarships. These types of professionals should be able to give you a list of your options in some form, which can help you figure out which scholarships are a good fit.

We hope the above information on study abroad scholarships can do international students wonders.

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