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Michigan State University College of Engineering

Michigan State University College of Engineering Tuition & Admission

This is part of our series profiling different graduate degree programs and graduate schools at U.S. universities for international students on an F1 Visa or J1 Visa. This week we profile the College of Engineering at Michigan State University.

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Located in East Lansing, Michigan

  •  the College of Engineering at Michigan State University is a great option for international students looking to receive a graduate degree in engineering.
  • Mostly located on the scenic Red Cedar River, Michigan State houses a student body of around 40,000.
  • Not only is Michigan State a reputable university because of its academics, but Michigan State also receives national attention across the United States for its reputable athletic programs and their popularity.

Graduate students at the College of Engineering at Michigan State are encouraged to look at real world problems such as health and energy, security, and sustainability and explore and discover different ways to solve those problems. At Michigan State, there are approximately 10,000 graduate students developing a culture of learning and problem solving.

Programs and Degrees

There are a number of different graduate programs that an international student can receive. These include:

  • Biomedical Engineering,
  • Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering,
  • Chemical Engineering & Materials Science,
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering,
  • Computational Math, Science & Engineering,
  • Computer Science & Engineering,
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering.

Please visit this link for more information on each of these programs.


According to US News, The College of Engineering at Michigan State University is the 56th ranked engineering school in the United States. There are currently 735 students enrolled in the College of Engineering. The current student to faculty ratio is a very favorable 2.7:1. That shows that there are a great number of faculty to help you achieve your engineering goals.

Application Requirements

While applying to the College of Engineering at Michigan State University, each program has its own application and vary from each other. However, each application requires an academic statement and a personal statement. Personal statements usually are similar to statements of purpose, which we have previously discussed. An academic statement, or resume, is a little different. These often include:

  • Contact information,
  • Your objective,
  • Education history,
  • Research experience,
  • Professional experience,
  • Any teaching experience,
  • Publications and/or presentations you have been a part of,
  • Skills,
  • Outreach and service,
  • Honors and awards.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, simply suggestions of how to get started on an academic statement. See the above link for more information. Again, look to the specific program you wish to enter for their application requirements, but most of the programs require letters of recommendation. We have previously discussed letters of recommendation so check it out here. The application feed for the College of Engineering is $65.


The price per credit hour for the College of Engineering is $1,427.50. So, for two semesters of twelve credit hours each, for a total of twenty-four, the tuition fee would be $34,260. This does not include living expenses and books. For incoming international student undergraduate freshmen, Michigan State details expenses as such:

  • Room and board – $10,962;
  • Books and supplies – $1,084;
  • Personal – $3,594;
  • Medical – $2,172.

As stated above, these estimations are for undergraduate international students, not graduate international students. However, this can still help give you some sort of an idea about what your potential expenses beyond tuition may look like. Nomad Credit can help you find international student loan options.

  • The average starting salary for a mechanical engineer who graduates from the College of Engineering is $74, 690. The average starting salary for a software engineer who graduates from the College of engineering is $81,922. These figures are according to PayScale.

Although tuition for the College of Engineering at Michigan State University may seem high, there are options available to help you receive the funding you need to receive an excellent education. For more information, visit We will happily help you find the best option for education loans or study loans as well. If you have any questions, send an email to and we will happily help!






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