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Top 10 Best Value Universities for International Students

Nomad Credit looks at the best universities in the U.S. for international students. This series of blogs will feature lists of top 10 universities of different criteria. This week we profile the Top 10 Universities with the Best Value.

  1. Montana State University Billings

Having gone through 3 different name changes in the past, Eastern Montana College would become a full-fledged 4-year university in in 1965 and merge with Montana State University in 1994 to establish its current name. Degrees ranging from Associate’s to Master’s are offered in each of its five colleges: Arts and Sciences, Business, Allied Health professions, Education and City College. For its rich academic history and curriculum depth, MSU Billings has a great deal of prestige and value. Costs vary by degree and amount of credits, but their prices are relatively low and education loans and student loans may offset the price.

  1. Northeastern State University

With three campuses in total in addition to its online school, the main campus of Northeastern State University makes its home at Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Established in 1909, it is the oldest higher learning institution in the state of Oklahoma. In addition to its academics, the university is home to the capital of the Cherokee nation. In the student body, 25% identity as American Indian and Native American linguistics class are offered as well as a Cherokee Language Education major.

  1. Tarleton University

Located in Stephenville, Tarleton University is an unsung hero of institutions dedicated to its academics. At the 118 year old university, there are over 90 programs of study with 13,011 students currently enrolled. Not just a serious contender in academics, their sports teams are part of the Division II athletics conference. High focus on curriculum combined with top-notch, competitive athletics, Tarleton offers a lot to its students who seek value from their chosen university, making it a top university in the USA.

  1. College of New Rochelle

A private college located in New Rochelle, New York, the College of New Rochelle places its focus on having a curriculum that’s available to students of any age and educational background. Three schools are offered at the university for undergraduate and graduate students:  the School of Arts & Sciences, the School of New Resources for adult learners, the School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions, in addition to the Graduate School. The college is dedicated to ensuring their students have a “bright and successful future”.

  1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Like the name says, Embry-Riddle specializes in aviation and aerospace, but it offers so much more. Other programs at the university include arts and sciences, aviation, business, engineering, computer programming, cyber security, security and intelligence, and more. Residential campuses are located in Daytona Beach, Florida and Prescott, Arizona in addition to its online school which ranks #2 in Best Online Colleges for Bachelor’s Degrees. Embry-Riddle is also great option if you’re seeking an MS in the US.

  1. Virginia International University

Still fairly young by university standards, Virginia International University is a private, nonprofit institution only established 20 years ago in 1998. Hence the name, the university is dedicated to providing successful and engaging learning to all its students which come from all over the world. Over 100 countries are represented from around the world, with several resources on campus and on their website to make the transition easier. The cost of attendance is relatively low, but international fees can be tough. Luckily, there are several international student loan options out there to explore.

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  1. Seattle Central College

One third of the Seattle Colleges District, a wide variety of programs and fields of study are offered Seattle Central College. With Cosmetology, Graphic Design, Business Administration, Healthcare, Information Technologies, and Culinary Arts amongst others offered, there’s something for everybody at this school. Especially for international students looking to get a curriculum with a lot of variety, this is a great option for studying abroad. Only Bachelor’s degrees are offered, so if you want to study further in these fields, a profile evaluation for an MS in the US will help you find the right place to do so.

  1. Saginaw Valley State University

The youngest of all the public colleges and universities in the state of Michigan, Saginaw Valley State University has over 100 programs in its five colleges. Some of the more popular programs include nursing, business, teaching, and engineering. Costs of attendance with housing is a little over $20,000 but a students are encouraged to seek out education loans along with over a 1000 private scholarships offered may cover or come close to covering all the costs.

  1. Moorpark College

Community colleges are known for being the cheaper option compared to more traditional universities. But Moorpark proves that cheaper costs don’t necessarily equal lessened education. Moorpark promotes its focus to be on career technical education to better prepare students more technical jobs as well as aiding students in their goals for academic transfer so that they can fulfill their full potential. After leaving, acquiring an educational consultant to plan next steps may be needed.

  1. Eastern Oregon University

In the heart of La Grande, Oregon, Eastern Oregon is one of only 7 state-funded,  4-year universities in the state. The university offers field research, BS and MS degrees in the US in sciences and the arts, and the option of an online degree all with the same purpose to ensure that every student who leaves is fulfilled and on the path to success. The cost of attendance is 71% cheaper than the average Oregon tuition, so most postgraduate scholarships should cover the costs for those pursuing postgraduate degrees at the school such as an MS.

Please feel free to explore these universities more in-depth by going to their websites linked above.


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