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Top 10 Universities for Campus Life for International Students

Nomad Credit looks at the best universities in the U.S. for international students. This series of blogs will feature lists of top 10 universities of different criteria. This week we profile the Top 10 Best Universities for Campus Life.

  1. College of Central Florida

Seattle Central College has made it on to previous lists due to its wide variety of programs and fields of study are offered Seattle Central College, such as Cosmetology, Graphic Design, and Culinary Arts among others offered. But its assortment of student activities is just as commendable. You can find a full calendar of events happening on campus at any given moment when you go on the website. Some that jump out are, “Badminton Club”, “Anime and Manga Club”, and “Press Start (Gamers Club)”. Talk about easy access for anyone looking to get involved.

  1. Fort Lewis College Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Centered on a beautiful mountain campus in Durango, Colorado, there’s a lot of space for activities to happen at Fort Lewis College.  The trails surrounding the school are excellent turf for cycling, hiking, or just about any outdoors activity. The Outdoor Pursuits shop makes it easy for students to borrow equipment, as well as well as offering guided trips, clinics, and an indoor climbing wall. You don’t need an education consultant to tell you that this is a school that you can have a lot of fun at.

  1. University of Southern Mississippi

Per its website, “The University of Southern Mississippi is one of only 76 public universities to earn the Carnegie Foundation’s designation of ‘higher research activity’ for doctoral universities.” It also just happens to be ranked #1 in marine education and research along the Gulf of Mexico. A beautiful campus in the South, it lends itself to sunny days on the beach as well as tons of green spaces to just have fun outdoors. Incoming students have fun all the way to the end of the year with the Freshman Finale as well as the always popular Crawfish Fest.

  1. Virginia International University

The young university makes another one of our lists. Only established 20 years ago in 1998. Virginia International University is a private, nonprofit institution. With over 100 countries represented from around the world, the university showcases its mass representation with its with several resources on campus, most popular at this point being the Global Bistro, blending health and culture together to make amazing meals for students. The university also has Black History Month, Women’s Month, and Asian New Year celebrations annually to empower and highlight the culture of many students.

  1. University of South Alabama

Embodying the culture of the region in its nickname, “South”, the University of South Alabama is a great option for any international student and makes it onto our list of top 10 universities in the US. Another one of the Southern Universities that never seems to have a bad weather day, activities are available all year long. Whether it be tossing a ball around on many of the lawns, getting in a pool to cool off, or just taking a stroll, there’s always something to do at this school.

  1. Tarleton State University

Located in Stephenville, Tarleton University hops back onto our list of top 10 universities in the US. As mentioned before, the 118 year old university, there is a high focus on curriculum combined with top-notch and competitive athletics. You don’t even have to be a student athlete to participate in the plethora of recreation sports on campus, including, soccer, softball, and Ultimate Frisbee. Tarleton offers a lot to its students who seek value from their chosen university.

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  1. Eastern Oregon University

In the heart of La Grande, Oregon, Eastern Oregon is one of only 7 state-funded,  4-year universities in the state. The affectionately named Mountaineer community may be small but it allows closer friendships to be formed, leading to lifelong friendships. Whether your interest be in music, chemistry, theater, or whatever your interest are, there’s a student group on campus waiting to take you in. And don’t forget, the cost of attendance is 71% cheaper than the average Oregon tuition, so most postgraduate scholarships should cover the costs for those pursuing postgraduate degrees at the school such as an MS.

  1. Saginaw Valley State University

Michigan is famed for many of its colleges that are renowned for its academics and athletics alike, but the unsung hero of the state is Saginaw Valley State University. The youngest of all the public colleges and universities in the state, the university has over 100 academic programs in its five colleges. Brandishing red and proclaiming “Red Pride”, there are over 170 student led organizations on campus to choose from. With a fairly low cost of attendance compared to other universities, which is manageable with education loans, you’re definitely getting a lot of bang for your buck if you attend.

  1. College of Central Florida

The College of Central Florida is a public State School that spans 3 counties in the area. The college grants Associate in Arts degrees and Associate in Science degrees, along with Bachelor’s degrees it just started awarding in 2010. Along with a strong affinity for academics, the College of Central Florida has a decorated art programs. Students can get involved in any of the major productions or one-act plays without necessarily pursuing a degree in the field, whether it be acting, makeup, costuming, or production work. On the campus is also the Appleton Museum of Art, which students can feel free to explore at any time.

  1. Montana State University Billings

The Yellow Jackets at MSU Billings take their sports as serious as they take their academics. An entire website dedicated to their athletics department, there’s a full schedule of all the upcoming games that students can view at any time. This gives students plenty of time to plan their time accordingly if they don’t want to miss their favorite players. Additionally, they have links to their athletics Hall of Fame and National Honor Society.

Please feel free to explore these universities more in-depth by going to their websites linked above.

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