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Top Companies That Hire International Student Chemical Engineers

Top Companies that Hire International Student Chemical Engineers

Top Companies that Hire MBA International Students

Many international students come to the United States to study and receive a degree in engineering and eventually get hired by a chemical engineering firm.

What Do They Do?

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chemical engineers combine chemistry, biology, physics and math in order to come up with solutions to problems that involve chemicals, drugs, food, fuel, and many other products.
  • They also come up with and design equipment/processes for manufacturing on a large scale and also work in planning and testing production methods.
  • Chemical engineers mainly work in offices and labs, but also do field work in factories and industrial plants in order to see problems and begin thinking of solutions.
  • Chemical engineers deal with complex, real world problems and international students can accomplish a lot in this industry.

How Can I Potentially Get a Job?

  • Jobs in the engineering industry in general are competitive, so an international student seeking a job in the United States may face some heavy competition.
  • Along with facing the competition hurdle, international students also have the added hurdle of finding a company to sponsor their H1B visa.
  • This does not mean that a company would not hire an international student chemical engineer.
  • With hard work, good grades, patience and perseverance, an international student can make themselves stand out from the rest of the competition and find the job of their dreams.
  • However, if you cannot find a chemical engineering job in the United States, this is a job that is universal and in demand worldwide.


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