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Top Firms Hiring Industrial Engineering International Students

Top Companies that Hire International Student Industrial Engineers

Top Companies that Hire International Industrial Engineers

Many international students come to the United States to study and receive a degree in engineering and eventually get hired by an industrial engineering company. However, industrial engineering is an extremely broad field of study and encompasses many different areas. Previously, we have detailed job options and companies that hire international students in aerospace engineering, computer scientists, and mechanical engineers. We have also discussed the top engineering degrees for international students, and the top United States engineering companies that hire international students. Today, we will discuss what a possible future career in industrial engineering looks like.Top Firms Hiring Industrial Engineering International Students

What is an Industrial Engineer?

Industrial engineers have an extremely important job, especially in today’s world. Industrial engineers are tasked with creating ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also create systems that integrate workers, machines, and other important resources in order to make a product or provide a service. Industrial engineers typically work in either an office or on the site where they are trying to create a solution. According to the BLS, the average annual salary for an industrial engineer is $84,310.

With Hard Work You Can Beat The Competition

Like most jobs in engineering, international students face stiff competition in landing industrial engineering jobs in the United States. However, that does not mean that an international student cannot get an industrial engineering job, even with the additional hurdle of finding a company to sponsor an H1B visa. With patience, hard works, and outstanding grades, an international student can make himself or herself stick out from the crowd and make a company see their value.


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