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Top Engineering Companies Hiring International Students

U.S. Firms That Hire International Student Engineers

Top Firms Hiring Industrial Engineering International Students

After an international student completes their studies in the United States, they have to figure out if they want to stay and work in the United States or go back to their native country and try and find work there. A lot of personal and logistical matters influence this decision, and it is by no means an easy one. This blog will detail the top companies that hire international students with an MS degree (we have previously compiled a list of the top United States firms that hire international student aerospace engineers).

The engineering industry covers a wide variety of different jobs. This report details the largest H1B visa sponsors in the Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services industry. Finding a job in engineering can be difficult, whether you are an international student or not. However, international students do have an extra hurdle to jump when it comes to securing a job in the United States due to needing a visa sponsor.

Just because international students have an extra hurdle to jump does not mean that they cannot find an engineering job once they have received their degree.

  • If an international student works hard and remains dedicated, they can distinguish themselves from their peers and possibly land the engineering job they wish to have in the United States.
  • If you have outstanding grades and an exceptional resume and interview well, a company will try and find the right spot for you.


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