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Top Ten Private Universities for International Students

Nomad Credit looks at the best universities in the U.S. for international students. This series of blogs will feature lists of top 10 universities of different criteria. This week we profile the Top 10 Private Universities of the U.S.

  1. Harvard University

Harvard University tops our list of top 10 universities in the US. Its reputation as a school of academic excellence makes it a mainstay not just on US rankings, but on world university rankings. According to their website, education loans are not expected to be taken out by students as their financial aid packages cover all the costs for those who need it.

Harvard University is also acclaimed for being one of the top universities for MS degrees in the U.S. Known for their top schools like Harvard Law and Harvard Business schools, Harvard has an additional 10 degree-granting schools with more than 20,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

  1. Stanford University

Located in sunny Stanford, California, the Stanford University is a top university for international students to receive their degree. The opportunities available in the state of California are plentiful, and a world-class university only adds to California’s appeal.

Stanford is comprised of 7 academic schools, in which one can attain an MS in the US. Of note is the Stanford University Graduate School of Business which is one of the top MBA universities in the US.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The critically acclaimed MIT has cemented itself at the top of the list of top engineering schools in the US. For undergraduate or graduate degrees, MIT students are some of the most gifted in the world, including 3,338 international students from 129 different countries.

In addition to academics, students are allowed to express themselves and hone additional skills outside of the classroom. MIT offers hundreds of different student groups on campus, making it a great American college for academics and extra-curriculars.

  1. Yale University

Yale University has a rich history. The private Ivy League university is the third oldest higher learning institution in the United States and is consistently topped US university rankings and world university rankings.

Yale is an esteemed university, possessing a dynamic, interdisciplinary curriculum across all departments as well as cutting-edge research resources, making it a true leader in higher education.

  1. Princeton University

Princeton is another esteemed top US college. With approximately 5,250 undergraduate students and approximately 2,800 graduate students, a smaller university compared to most others, Princeton boast a favorable student-teacher ratio of about 5:1 ensuring an engaging student experience.

Student life is also of the utmost importance at the university. A freshman at the university described the university as having comfortable dorms, beautiful study spaces, delicious foods, and amazing professors”. The Princeton price tag is not small, however, so acquiring education loans along with your financial aid will help a lot.

  1. University of Pennsylvania

With a 9% acceptance rate, UPenn’s prestige is on full display with being a ranking US university in a variety of fields. Among other accolades, it’s been ranked #1 for best colleges in America for Business, Accounting and Finance, and Nursing. It’s definitely worth getting a profile evaluation for an MS before applying.

UPenn is a founding member of the Ivy League as well as being an NCAA Division 1 school. There are 33 varsity teams which have won 66 titles in in 18 different sports over the past 18 years.

  1. California Institute of Technology

Located in Pasadena, California, the university is only a few short drives from notable locations like Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Caltech’s mission statement is to “expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education”, showing its dedication to being at the forefront of academic success.

Caltech is a top university which is exemplified by its students, faculty, and alumni. Caltech boasts 37 Nobel Laureates, 58 National Medal of Science Recipients, 13 National Medal of Technology and Innovation Recipients, and 125 National Academies Memberships.

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  1. Duke University

Known predominantly as a collegiate basketball juggernaut in the United States, Duke serves as an academic powerhouse as well. Duke is a top MBA university in the USA. It holds top 10 rankings in Executive MBA, Marketing, and Management programs.

The payoff of attending Duke is well worth the work. According to Payscale, the average salary for a management consultant who has graduated from the Fuqua School of Business is $133,252, showcasing the value of education graduates leave with. The payoff is big but you may need to get some international student loans while you’re there to help cover the cost.

  1. Brown University

The last Ivy League school on the list, Brown University boasts an “Open Curriculum” which attracts many applicants. No distribution courses are required to graduate, allowing students to mold their own curriculum as the attain their degree.

This freedom combined with all the opportunities given with the plethora of majors on campus make Brown a top university in the USA and a great option to get a BS or an MS in the US.

  1. Rice University

Rice University’s campus is located in the heart of Houston, Texas, a cultural hub in the United States. Many vibrant and populated destinations surround the university including the Houston Zoo and the Houston Museum District.

Rice University is one of the top universities in Texas as well as the most selective in the state, ensuring that those who are admitted can handle the academic rigor of the university. It might be helpful to reach out to an education consultant to get some admissions help.

Please feel free to explore these universities more in-depth by going to their websites linked above.

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