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US Firms that Hire International Student Computer Scientists

US Companies that Hire International Student Computer Scientists

Many international students come to the United States in order to pursue a Masters in Computer Science, or MS in CS. This degree helps set up international students for a future career in the computer science field. Previously, we have detailed the top US firms that hire international student aerospace engineers, and the top US firms that hire international student engineers in the overall industry. Today, we will detail the top US firms that hire international students with a Masters in Computer Science.

What Do They Do?

Generally, people who have jobs that fall in the computer science industry use technology as a way to sole problems. Computer scientists write software, develop apps, and develop websites as a way to solve problems. People who have jobs as computer scientists can have job labels such as analyst, developer, programmer, consultant, and much more. The computer science industry is vast, and an international student can accomplish a lot with an MS in CS.

Overall, international students may face competition in finding jobs in the engineering industry in the United States after graduation. This is not only due to the engineering industry being extremely competitive for new hires, but also because international students have the additional hurdle of finding a company that will sponsor them for an H1B visa. However, companies that would potentially hire international students who hold an MS in CS are seemingly more likely to sponsor an international student than companies in other areas of the engineering industry. Companies that are in the computer science field sponsor more visas than most other companies in the engineering industry, so the chances of an international student being hired for a computer science job are increased.


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