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WES Evaluation for International Students

What is the WES Credential Evaluation for International Students?

A WES Credential Evaluation is often used by international students or H1B visa holders coming to the United States to help in their application process for education or employment.

  • Whether you are applying to a university or seeking a professional career in the United States, the WES Evaluation is a good option to make sure that your international academic credentials are recognized properly.

Some universities or employers will have their own in-house team to evaluate international academic credentials.

  • However, many do not and will require that international academic credentials of a prospective student or employee be evaluated by an outside expert service.
  • There are a few services out there but the largest and among the oldest evaluation services is the WES Evaluation.

What is the WES Evaluation?

  • The WES (World Education Services) Credential Evaluation converts educational credentials from any country around the world to what their equivalent is in the United States.
  • It analyzes any credential that an international student or visa holder may have, whether that’s a degree, diploma, certificate or license that you’ve earned and states what the equivalent would be in the United States.
  • The WES evaluation is well-known and widely accepted in the United States.
  • In fact, some academic institutions, employers, government agencies, and licensing boards specifically require a WES evaluation in their application process.
  • Last year, roughly 200,000 people used the service.

If an educational institution refers you to WES, you’ll then be assigned a WES Evaluator, who will work with you to verify all required and relevant documents. The process consists of two components: document validation and credential analysis.

Depending on the country you come from, WES will require certain educational credentials that are issued from recognized institutions. Please be aware that WES requires the documents be issued directly from the institution to WES.

Does Everyone use WES?

Ultimately, it is up to the university or employer to make a final decision and the WES evaluation is an advisory tool.

  • Those institutions will use the WES evaluation to help make their decision as it clarifies the international academic credentials to the U.S. equivalent.
  • The WES evaluation itself does not provide any recommendation or subjective evaluation of a prospective student or employee’s academic profile.
  • They strictly exist in a non-biased manner to provide the U.S. equivalent of a different country’s educational credentials.

If you have questions about the evaluation process, WES is happy to explain its methods in analyzing credentials and how it makes its equivalency determinations.

For more information about the WES Credential Evaluation please visit their website.

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