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When should an international student apply for U.S. College?(Video) | International Student Blog

Nate from Nomad Credit explains what an international student needs to know about applying to U.S. Universities.

  • U.S. Universities will have deadlines for applying to their schools.
  • Each university is a little different, so it is best to research the schools directly so that you can know all of the relevant information needed in terms of deadlines and what materials are required to apply.
  • Many schools will have a deadline in early November, so applying in September or October is a good bet.
  • One thing to remember, many universities will have more than one round of applications.
  • They may have a deadline in November, and then the second deadline in January, and even a third in the Spring.

The best chance to get into a university is to apply early. This will also give you the best chance at a scholarship. 

After you get into a university, if you are an international student on an F1 visa or J1 visa that needs to find funding for your education in the US, such as education loans or international student loans, please come visit us at www.nomadcredit.com. Please don’t hesitate to email us at help@nomadcredit.com with any questions that you may have.